At nanozoo, we have been convinced of the importance of efficient infrastructure for bioinformatics data analysis through numerous projects. We suspect that many capable laboratories face difficulties in establishing adequate computing infrastructure or creating robust analysis pipelines ('workflows'). With our service, we drastically reduce the time to results, allowing you to focus on your core tasks and objectives. Or, as Ewan Birney, Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute, puts it: 'Sequencing, analyzing and interpreting genomes is 'routine' in the same way the US Navy 'routinely' lands planes on aircraft carriers. It might happen regularly by well-trained crew with the right equipment but it is not an easy thing to do.'

After processing the (sequencing) data on computers in German data centers, you will receive a link to the results, which we will store for you for 7 days. After that, all raw and result data on nanozoo's side will be destroyed. There is no exchange of metadata with third parties. All generated data belongs to you, and nanozoo makes no claims.

Usually under 48 hours, regardless of the number of samples.

All methods used are documented as part of the analysis. The entire analysis pipeline has been extensively tested and is regularly reviewed for relevance.

We usually require files in 'fastq' format as input. In the case of Nanopore, we need the folder created by the basecaller (Guppy, Bonito); for Illumina data, we need one ('single-end') or two ('paired-end') files per sample, depending on the sequencing protocol.

All results can be obtained through a download link and are provided in PDF format and/or as interactive HTML pages. Intermediate results are provided in the appropriate formats (e.g., FASTA, FASTQ, BAM, GTF, VCF, BED) and, if necessary, compressed (ZIP).

Credits are a fictitious, platform-internal 'currency', essentially a prepaid balance. This is intended to simplify billing, especially in the academic sector.

Currently, we only offer the purchase of credits through invoice and/or quote.

We would be happy to provide you with a customized quote tailored to your needs. Please register on our portal and contact us via contact@nanozoo.com.

Depending on the type of analysis you requested, we automatically start our workflows in the background. Or, we review your data, correct any formatting issues, and then start the analyses. If there are any problems with your data or its structure, we will contact you.

You will receive all results, including the methods used and concise explanations of each figure and table. If this is not sufficient, we offer further consultation, depending on the scope, or refer you to our external partners.

Yes, Please contact us! Our infrastructure generally allows for the integration of external workflows.

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